Agricultural Crops


UKPL currently operates in three verticals through contract farming: Spices, Medicinal Plants and Aromatic Crops.

UKPLs five-phase approach enables our customers to set up cost-effective agriculture raw material outsourcing programs in new locations.

UKPLS’s Farm to processing factory approach benefit all.


Conduct an in-house feasibility study to assess crop growth

Establish outreach programs for farmers to generate awareness about specific crops including cost of cultivation & economics

Share relevant knowledge and technology to the identified target groups of farmers

Phase 1: Diagnostic

Phase 2: Backward Integration with Industry Partners

Sourcing of planting material for specific crops from industry partners or their recommendation sources. This ensures the germplasm meets the quality criteria, such as, Alkaloid %, color, and texture etc.

Technology transfer from industrial partners to the field team based on processes in place, their experiences in the field and prospective challenges in handling crops.

Distribution of planting stock to farmers along with efficient technical support services

Handholding of farmers by the UKPL team during the crop cultivation cycle from planting to harvest.

Phase 3: Distribution & Planting

Phase 4: Continuous Engagement with Agrarian Community

The Extension team is responsible for conducting workshops on farmer’s awareness and training. They impart technical training to the farmers for cultivation of these niche crops. Assistance is also provided to harvest, post harvest care, and dispatch to the Buyer.

Use a scientific approach to assess impact and adapt programs through scientific M&E tools.

Facilitate market linkage for the end product at the predetermined competitive market price.

This operating model ensures that the produce is sourced right from the farm gate avoid any intermediary involvement

Phase 5: Establish Market Linkage


Supply of Food and Nutraceutical Ingredients (raw materials of plant origin) that can be grown in contract farming across India, supplied to all industry types namely food processing, herbal ayurveda, personal care products with competitive prices, best quality, and safe products.

Offers new locations to industrial partners to diversify their raw material sourcing.

Outsourcing allows industry partners to decrease their overall production costs, allowing for a win-win for all of their stakeholders.

A traceability system in place that allows the Buyer to track the produce from the specific farm and farmers.


We follow a holistic approach that helps determine which crops are best to grow in a certain area. This process includes, assessing soil, evaluating climatic factors of the region and following market demand.

An inclusive & sustainable business model that ensures dynamic income for farmers, job creation in rural areas, as well as, significant environmental benefits.

A prior buyback agreement with buyers ensures that the crops are procured at the competitive market price agreed upon.

UKPL ensures a high level of traceability by providing end to end services and documented records.

Cultivation & procurement of Dried Red Chili & Dried Finger Turmeric with AVT McCormick

Cultivation program of Palmarosa grass with the farmers and Installation of a field level Distillation unit for oil extraction.

Introduction & cultivation of Jalapeno Peppers for Global Green Company

Introduction of Ashwagandha and Mucuna (Kaunch beej) cultivation with Ayurvet (A Dabur company) and Sami labs

Pilot scale cultivation of Paprika

Live Projects