Consultancy Services


UKPL Consultancy and Project Management division is catered to Agri processing companies in the area of food, Ayurveda personal care products looking to enhance their farmer network, strengthen their R&D development and/or experiment with new crops / new geography.

UKPL enables its customers to work closely with local communities to identify new crops, launch pilot projects, and set up low-cost plantation programs


Evaluate scalability, customer acquisition model, and growth rate of each product segment

Benchmark cost structure

Assess farmer network along with current R&D infrastructure

Define problem statement and goals

Phase 1: Assessment

Understand the customer requirements

Phase 2: Planning

Designing the framework

Construct stepwise and time bound action plan

Establish robust team in geographical region

Define farmer outreach program

Create work details for future Research & Development infrastructure along with program

Identification of farmers and key stakeholders

Define and explain sustainable farming methods

Create farmer and staff training modules

Ensure continuous technical handholding

Phase 3: Onboarding

Integrate with farmer

Phase 4: Implementation

Execute and oversee development

Implement extension tools

Ensure 100% traceability

Use scientific approach to assess impact and adapt programs


Set up complete R&D Infrastructure

Assess viability, plan, and implement Organic Farming

Conduct trials on Nano Fertilizers

Examine and deploy Drone Mounted Spraying

Develop and test Pest Repellent Crops

Conduct trials and assess benefits of Composting

Experiment hybrid models for Transpiration Efficiency

Construct and manage centre for Hydroponics

R&D infrastructure

Crops trials for new product development

Nano fertilizers trials

Organic Farming

Composting of fruit waste

Trial on intercrop effect on fruit fly attack

Hydroponic gherkin

Transpiration efficiency

Drone mounted sprayer for pesticide applications

Past Projects