Research & Development

R&D is directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes.
It acts as a support system to all three business verticals, example, Agroforestry, Agricultural crops and Consultancy Services.

R&D is the means to achieve future growth and maintain their relevance in the chosen market. It involves spending resources on investigation and testing to develop new products or new ways of doing things. It also supports the enhancement of existing products or processes.

Our in-house R&D initiatives are cited below:

Introduction of new clones of pulp wood species

Area specific best agro forestry and silvicultural practices for higher wood yield

Biomass improvement through Tree breeding


Agricultural Crops

Organic Crops – Dill, Capsicum, Gherkin, Tomatoes

Green House cultivation – Tomatoes, Gherkins

SOPs for Spices crops Dried Red Chilly & Finger Turmeric

SOPs for Medicinal crops viz. Ashwagandha, Mucuna etc

R&D Infrastructure

Pilot project on Hydroponic farming in Green House for Vining crops

Assess and implement Organic Farming & Composting techniques

Trials on Futuristic technologies:

  • Examine and deploy Drone Mounted Spraying
  • Construct and manage centre for Hydroponics
  • Usage of Nano Technology in Agriculture

Trials conducted for specific agricultural crops:

  • Develop and test Pest Repellent Crops
  • Experiment hybrid models for Transpiration Efficiency

Consultancy Services